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Trynow is a foreign-related IP company approved by the State Intellectual Property Office and recorded by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Since establishment, we pay high attention to attracting inter-disciplinary talents, such as law, commerce, technology, IP management or English, who are highly dedicated to IP cause. Our team has dozens of members at present. Among them, practicing lawyers in answer, abandonment, objection and right protection through litigation accounts for 10%, and senior patent agents and senior engineers 90%. Each of major members has an experience of further studies or work in Europe or the United States and has engaged in the frontline foreign-related agency for very long.

     Our core strength is focused on the field of international intellectual property, mainly international trademark, international patent, international copyright. Our team has rich experiences in trademark application, patent application, supplement and amendment, response to opposition, response to appeal, collecting evidence of infringement, administrative litigation. Weve achieved considerable successful cases and will continuously integrate law, commerce, science and technology perfectly.

     Weve been always considering brand marketing, operational risks and cumulative performance as a whole to develop customized strategies for trademark registrations. Given our patent clients coming from different technology sectors, we appoint the experts with related academic backgrounds to undertake the patent cases based on their respective technical features so as to safeguard the rights and interests and create the greatest values.

     We understand your needs very well. We strive to help you to establish and perfect an IP management system that conforms to your development needs and industrial technical features to protect your core IP rights and sharpen your competitive edges in the world. In order to build an international business platform, our business has been expanded to advertising, accounting and financial management in recent years. The offshore company registration is one of our specials. We pay high attention to all agency cases and treat them equally and strive to provide highly professional services for you.

     Our partners spread across Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Europe, Japan, Korea and
Southeast Asia. A global layout has been set up to provide collaborative and professional services, as well as full protection of IPRs as possible as we can. Sticking to the philosophy of Safety, Precision, Stability, Speed, we have been striving to provide the global top professional legal services and create an international commercial environment of impartiality, equality, efficiency and strictness.

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